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LA Dreamin Hydrangea Garden Plant

LA Dreamin Hydrangea

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All the colors! This is the hydrangea that made history! For the first time ever soil P H doesn’t matter to the color of the flowers.

Do you want blue flowers? You got it! Do you want pink flowers? You got it! Do you want lavender flowers? You got it! All the colors, all season long, on one plant! This beauty will be a standout in your garden, whether you plant one as a focal point or a dozen as a gorgeous hedge.

Healthy, shiny, bright green foliage is the perfect backdrop for the colorful flower show.

This new form of mophead hydrangea completely redefines the garden.

Since it blooms on old and new wood it is a reliably strong bloomer every year, no matter how hard the winter was.

The flower power is huge, so thankfully the plant is not.

Only growing 30 inches high and 36 inches wide, this great hydrangea will fit into any garden.

L A Dreamin’ Hydrangea care is simple, too.

Just keep it well watered and plant it where it can get a few hours of good sun every day and you’ll have tons of blooms.

The flowers keep coming, so you’ll have armloads of huge, colorful flowers to bring inside all season.

The L A Dreamin’ hydrangea reviews are in and it’s a winner! Order yours today!
* Gorgeous cut flowers
* Pink, Lavender and Blue flowers on the same plant!
* Super easy care
* Vigorous bloomer on both new and old wood
* Compact for borders and containers

LA Dreamin Hydrangea Order Options