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Kieffer Pear

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Ornamental, Fruit- Bearing Tree The Kieffer Pear is an ornamental, fruit-bearing tree.

Plant one in the front yard for seasonal interest, or start your own small orchard by planting several.

They are amazingly easy to grow and will provide you with years of beauty and bounty.

According to old folklore, having a pear tree in your yard is way to draw good luck to your home, and the Kieffer will certainly provide a lucky bounty of fruit for you to enjoy.

You can expect that bounty to arrive in late September and continue into October.

There’s nothing quite like the sight of the yellow-green fruit dangling from the tree, ready to be picked and enjoyed.

The flesh is white with a crisp, coarse texture and is delicious eaten right off the tree.

Juicy and sweet, the Kieffer Pear is especially prized for its uses in a variety of culinary dishes, including preserves and sauces.

The Kieffer Pear is certainly a sumptuous treat, but also an attractive tree for your yard.

Spring brings fragrant flowers in delicate tiny white blossoms, an elegant exhibition of floral perfection for your landscape.

Bees and butterflies will love it! Your Kieffer is a semi-dwarf variety that won’t take too much of your time as it’s an easy pear tree to grow and adaptable to many conditions.

It is pest and disease resistant, and tolerates heat and drought.

The Kieffer is even a long-lived fruit tree.

The Kieffer Pear is beautiful, easy to care for and will provide delicious fruit for many years.

It’s certainly a terrific choice as a fruit tree for your home.
* Delicious Fruit
* Spring Flowers
* Ease of Care

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