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Kelsey Dwarf Dogwood

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Small Shrub Doubles as Groundcover Kelsey Dwarf Dogwood (Cornus sericea ‘ Kelseyi’) isn’t a tree.

Instead, this great little dogwood is a low growing shrub that nicely fills in as a groundcover.

Like its bigger cousins, Kelsey Dwarf blooms in the spring, but only small clusters of white flowers.

These quickly turn to small berries that the birds will happily pick clean for you.

The lush green leaves quickly cover the shrub making a nice 2′ to 3′ rounded plant.

Grow several together and you’ll have a low, thick mat of green all summer.

Where the Kelsey Dwarf really shines, though, is in winter.

Once the leave have turned yellow and fallen off the bush, you are left with dramatic red twigs that fire up your landscape.

These are especially attractive when you have multiples planted side by side.

Kelsey Dwarf Dogwood is one of a handful of shrubs that actually prefers moist to wet soil, so use it in those challenging wet areas in your yard.

As long as it gets adequate sunlight it is very easy to grow, and rarely needs pruning.

You can use it in small spaces, as an accent plant, as a low growing hedge, or as a container plant, too.

This dwarf dogwood will make a striking addition to your landscape, especially in the winter.

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* White Flowers in Spring
* Red Twigs in Winter
* Attracts Birds Pruning Spring Flowering Shrubs in Southern Regions

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