Garden Plant: Kallays Compact Juniper

Kallays Compact Juniper Garden Plant

Kallays Compact Juniper

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Product Description: Kallays Compact Juniper

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Beautiful Spreading Juniper Landscapers love junipers, and with good reason.

These tough shrubs grow well in almost any home garden situation.

They are attractive even without pruning.

They are green year round and they are tough as nails! You probably already have a few of these in your yard right now, but nothing like Kallays Compact! Kallays Compact Juniper (Juniper chinensis ‘ Kallays Compact’) is a standout in the vast field of landscaping junipers.

Wider than it is tall (3′ tall by 6′ wide), this is a dwarf, bushy shrub that spread horizontally, giving the top an almost flattened appearance.

This is a good textural contrast to other vertical evergreens and perennials you might have in your garden now.

As an evergreen the foliage is attractive year round and has a classic fresh scent when crushed.

Unlike other junipers, though, the needles are very soft to the touch.

Kallays Compact is super easy to grow.

It tolerates almost any soil, including clay.

This is a great city shrub, too, because it handles air and street pollutants like a champ.

It is a good choice for rock gardens, foundations and as a low hedge.

These make great plantings in masses, so order one or order several!
* Great low hedge
* Evergreen
* Easy care

Kallays Compact Juniper Order Options