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Julia Child Rose

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Butter-yellow self-cleaning flowers Julia Child was famously opinionated.

She knew exactly how she wanted her recipes to go together and exactly how she wanted them to taste.

So it is no surprise that she chose this delicious rose to bear her name.

‘ Julia Child’ (P P18473, Rosa sp.

‘ W E Kvossutono) is a true connoisseur’s rose This flower has classic old-fashioned form, with many thick petals – almost like an old English rose.

The color is a rich, buttery gold (perfect for a lady who didn’t shy away from the butter in her cooking!).

The color blends so well with any other color in your garden – bright, muted, hot or cool.

As if that isn’t enough of a reason to have Julia Child in your garden, add the wonderful fragrance to the list.

It perfumes the air with a strong scent of sweet licorice and spice.

‘ Julia Child’ is a lower growing rose that has a nice rounded shape.

The leaves are shiny, reflective and bright green.

This rose is free-flowering in late spring/early summer with plenty of repeating.

Another great benefit is that it is self-cleaning so when the petals are spent they drop discreetly to the ground.

Its excellent disease resistance and heat tolerance raises the bar for any English-style rose.

‘ Julia Child’ will become one of your all-time favorites, and will indisputably be the centerpiece in your yard for years to come.

We have a limited quantity of these great roses, so order early.
* Excellent container plant
* Great cut flower
* Round and dense

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