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Julia Child Rose Tree

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Large, Buttery Yellow Blooms with a Delicious Licorice Scent Julia Child Rose is the tree form of the popular floribunda rose.

It would look terrific on your patio or front porch.

Named for the popular chef (and chosen by her), Julia Child Rose is a combination of all the delectable rose characteristics you can imagine.

Large and ruffled, buttery-yellow blooms (with a delicious licorice scent), appear from June until September on this enticing rose tree.

It’s remarkably easy to care for, and even self-cleaning–so no need for messy deadheading.

If you prefer to bring a little sunshine inside, cut a few blooms for your vase as they make a terrific cut flower for arrangements.

This recurrently blooming rose tree will grow to about 24-inches in height.

Its self-cleaning nature and disease resistance make it a hardy and low-maintenance tree, so you won’t have to fuss much with it.

The high-gloss, green leaves present a vibrant appearance even when not in full bloom.

Overall, it’s a remarkable, high-performing rose tree.

Julia Child is a rose tree you’ll certainly want to add to your garden this year.

Whether in a container on the patio, or in planted in your rose garden, this lovely rose is an easy choice for your home this summer.
* Buttery-yellow roses
* Fragrant
* A A R S award winner
* Hardy
* Disease resistant
* Self-cleaning
* Great cut flower

Julia Child Rose Tree Order Options