Garden Plant: Judy Garland Floribunda Rose

Judy Garland Floribunda Rose Garden Plant

Judy Garland Floribunda Rose

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Product Description: Judy Garland Floribunda Rose

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This rose hits all the right notes This hard-to-find heirloom rose from England is an outstanding performer, much like its namesake.

The Floribunda Rose ‘ Judy Garland’ (Rosa sp.

‘ H A Rking’) is a beautiful rose that blooms heavily.

The flowers are colorful – bright yellow trimmed in blushes of orange/red.

They are cupped, double, and have a nice light scent of classic rose mixed with fresh apple.

The leaves are glossy ‘land of O Z’ green.

Judy Garland is a stand-out in the garden.

One is a showpiece.

A bed of them is a showstopper.

The combination of yellow and orange and red against the dark green leaves makes them instant eye-candy in your landscape.

Plant Walker’s Low catmint around them and you’ll have the sharpest garden in the neighborhood.

These are great cut flowers, reblooming all season long.

The stems are long and strong.

One plant will fill your vases over and over again.

Besides being a beautiful and hard-working rose, Judy Garland has good healthy growth and above average disease resistance.

She likes a little bit of shade in the hottest part of the afternoon.

The flowers can burn a little in too much sun, which makes them blush darker.

If you have an existing rose garden, you’ll definitely want to add this rose to your collection.

If you’re new to rose gardening, Judy Garland will be a big hit for you.

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* Heirloom rose
* Beautiful and unique color
* Healthy and disease resistant

Judy Garland Floribunda Rose Order Options