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Jersey Knight Asparagus

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Easy to grow perennial for your vegetable garden! Asparagus is one of those vegetables that can elevate a meal from good to WOW in an instant.

It effortlessly makes mundane meals seem special and makes special meals seem amazing.

This is especially true when you grow it yourself and it comes fresh from your garden to the table.

If you’ve tried to grow asparagus in the past but haven’t had any luck, then we’d like to suggest you try again, but this time use Jersey Night Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis ‘ Jersey Knight’).

Jersey Night was bred on the East Coast but has proven itself all over the country.

It is extremely vigorous and grows well in just about any soil, even heavy clay! It is known for its very large, succulent spears that rise up in early spring.

(It is often the first vegetable that you will harvest every year.

) It has a mouth-watering flavor and a tender but firm bite.

(You will get a small harvest the first and second years, but be patient because it really starts pumping after the third year.

) Once you have harvested the delicious shoots, it grows 3′-4′ tall frothy fern-like foliage that is great as filler in bouquets.

Jersey Night is disease resistant and doesn’t have problems with rust, crown rot and fusarium like other asparagus can.

Start a ‘farm-to-table’ movement in your own backyard.

Enjoy Jersey Night Asparagus in your garden this year!
* Very adaptable
* Easy care
* Delicious taste
* Reliable perennial
* Mostly male (means stronger spears and less seeds)
* High yields
* Florist quality greens

Jersey Knight Asparagus Order Options