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Jelly Bean Blueberry

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Big Harvest From Dwarf Blueberry The Jelly Bean Blueberry, Vaccinium ‘ Jelly Bean’, is a very dwarf blueberry bush with ornamental features.

It makes a great container plant for a patio or conversation starter at the edge of a garden.

It’s simply a beautiful bush in any garden setting.

Pink-hued, white flowers bloom in spring and give way to mid-summer fruit that is both beautifully blue and delicately delicious.

You can use the berries in such culinary delights as jams, jellies and pies but it’s more likely you’ll eat them right off the bush.

This diminutive blueberry bush is an excellent choice if you’d like a fruit-bearing bush but have little space.

It reaches only 1-2 feet tall with an equal spread and forms a compact, rounded form.

The Jelly Bean is cold tolerant and hardy as well so you won’t have the weather worries you have with some other fruit-bearing bushes.

Songbirds love it, as do the butterflies and bees in the spring so it’s even an added boon for your wildlife.

Your Jelly Bean is a blueberry bush that can be grown almost anywhere.

It produces a particularly sweet berry in large quantities for its small size, and will happily provide loveliness and a delicious harvest for many years to come.
* Dwarf size
* Cold Hardy
* Edible Berries

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