Garden Plant: Java Red Weigela

Java Red Weigela Garden Plant

Java Red Weigela

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Reliable Shrub with Colorful Flowers and Foliage Weigelas have always been a popular shrub, and Java Red lives up to its reputation for a stunning spring display and reliable, decorative foliage.

Buds start out red in spring, transitioning to delicate trumpet blooms of pink.

This picture-perfect display will provide a lively decorative addition to your landscape, as well as create a boon for your early pollinators.

Even after the spectacular spring/early summer show, Java Red Weigela will continue to prove its worth with burgundy-tinted, deep green foliage that maintains its vibrant visage all summer and into fall.

Your Java Red Weigela is a deciduous shrub that will grow up to 4 feet in height with a 5 foot spread.

It has a compact habit and moderate growth rate.

Some people think that a shrub this valuable must be difficult to grow.

However, Java Red is easy to grow and propagate, as well as being highly versatile.

It’s adaptable to a variety of soils and looks remarkable as a border, along an outbuilding or even planted as a single focal point amid other, less-showy plantings.

Java Red can even be used in containers.

It’s a Weigela variety that looks just as great un-pruned as it does pruned (fountain-like or manicured), so can add interesting color and definition anywhere, without a lot of effort from you.

Weigelas are available in many varieties, and Java Red is a superb choice among them.

One of the oldest Weigela types, Java Red is actually a dwarf, so it’s an excellent way to have the joys of a Weigela in your yard without taking up a lot of space.

Why not try one this year!
* Decorative foliage and spring flowers
* Hardy and adaptable to a variety of soils
* Wildlife interest
* Works well in containers

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