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Japanese Painted Fern

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Striking silver foliage for the shade Do you have a shady spot in your garden that is crying out for some attention? You’ve tried other things, but nothing seems to ‘take’? Might we suggest that you try the beautiful Japanese Painted Fern (Athyrium niponicum Pictum)? This fern is an attention-getter in the shady garden.

It has a ‘weeping’ fern shape, like a grand garden fountain in miniature.

The foliage looks painted with silver-green and maroon along its stems.

It was nominated for Perennial of the Year for 2004 and for good reasons – low maintenance, beautiful foliage and thrives in the shade.

(Even though it doesn’t like full sun, a little afternoon sun brings out the colors even more.

) It loves wet spots beside streams or ponds, or being in those pesky low places in your yard that are always a little too wet.

It also is one of the few ferns that does fine in drier soils, too.

Try pairing Japanese Painted Fern with Hostas and Heucheras for a shady garden worthy of an artist.

This is a great addition to your landscape and we know you will enjoy watching this fern grow.
* Striking silver and maroon foliage
* O K in full shade
* Likes moist soil

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