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Japanese Boxwood

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One of the easiest boxwoods to grow Japanese Boxwood, Buxus microphylla, is a must-have for your garden.

This boxwood can frame a garden bed, trim the foundation to your home or sit pretty in a planter box.

Whether you have an estate, a suburban two-story or a trailer home, the Japanese Boxwood shrub will work in your landscape.

Though the Japanese Boxwood shrub looks and acts like other boxwoods – it grows slowly, stays green year round, and can take pruning like a champ – it differs from other types of boxwood in one very important way.

The roots of this boxwood go much deeper than any other type.

This means that it handles drought much, much better.

The Japanese Boxwood shrub does fine in full sun or light shade.

It doesn’t grow out of bounds.

It can be sheared into a low hedge, but grows slowly enough that you don’t have to prune it very often.

This is truly an easy plant to grow.

A hedge of Japanese Boxwood can make the wildest garden look tame or the roughest container look sophisticated.

Order enough for your hedge planting today!
* Handsome evergreen foliage
* Drought resistant deep roots
* Hardy and Easy

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