Garden Plant: Japanese Andromeda Sarabande

Japanese Andromeda Sarabande Garden Plant

Japanese Andromeda Sarabande

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Japanese Andromeda – Sarabande, Pieris japonica ‘ Sarabande’, is a jewel of a plant because the beauty of its unique showy blooms arrives just when we need that reminder of spring! Starting in March, Sarabande displays drooping chains of greenish white flower buds, then a profusion of pure white urn-shaped flowers appear in later winter or early spring.

The flower clusters resemble those of lily of the valley.

This elegant and hardy broadleaf evergreen offers something for every season with its wonderful flowering and dark glossy-green laurel-like leaves.

Forming a small rounded shrub with a neat habit, Sarabande is an excellent addition to partially shaded areas of the garden.

Preferring moist, acidic, well-drained soil, it works well in a border, in a container, or as a hedge.

To have this shrub thrive and prosper, plant this Lily-of-the- Valley plant in moderately fertile, humus-rich, acidic soil; may need protection in winter until established.

It is very low maintenance once established, and a year-round delight for the landscape.

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