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The Glory of the Magnolia for Smaller Spaces The Magnolia is prized for its abundant, long- lasting blooms, fragrance and showy color.

Plant them as a hedge along your house or as a single accent at the edge of a patio planting bed.

The Magnolia is an ancient genus with many different varieties.

With the ” Jane ” you can have all the glory of a Magnolia without the need for extensive space or care.

Imagine this Magnolia planted in front of your home.

8-9 inch tulip-shaped flowers of purple with white centers appear in late spring amid the bare branches.

6 inch leathery, dark-green leaves prepare the Jane for summer.

You may think at this point that your Magnolia is done blooming.

but wait.

Throughout the summer your Jane will surprise you with more purple “tulips ” here and there throughout the season.

The Jane Magnolia is a hardy plant.

You won’t have to fuss over it in order to enjoy its performance.

Its late-spring bloom further helps it avoid the frost issues that you have to contend with in growing your other spring-flowering plants.

The Jane has a compact, shrub-like appearance, reaching heights of 10-15 feet with a 10 foot spread.

You can prune it to fit a smaller space in your flower bed if you like, or allow it to reach its full potential size in a hedge.

The leaves turn a lovely copper-yellow in the fall.

Magnolia Jane is one of the “little girl ” hybrids developed in the 1950s.

It’s not only valued by plant enthusiasts, but also by crafters and some health practitioners.

The flowers, cones and seeds are often used in craft projects, and even the leaves are used in wreathes.

Magnolia extract is thought by some to have many healing benefits, including being used as a stress-reducer.

Absorb the summer-long beauty of this carefree plant and you’ll soon understand why it’s such a sought-after landscape accent.
* Beautiful summer-long flowers
* Magnolia tree benefits in a smaller space
* Hardy

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