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Iris Lion King

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Royal Purple Edging The Iris Lion King, Iris ensata ‘ Lion King’, stands out in any sunny area with its showy petals that are white with purple edging.

‘ Lion King’ has an impressive stature as it displays a regal exhibition with it fully double, large blooms, and a tiny splash of yellow is at the heart! This exotic flower is absolutely breathtaking when blooming.

With its sword like leaves and showy flowers, ‘Lion King’ is an easy plant to maintain, requires minimum care, and readily multiplies.

Iris is among the best known and best loved garden plant.

It prefers full sun, but will tolerate a little afternoon shade.

This Iris needs plenty of water throughout the season to looks its best.

Your Lion King will make a great addition around pools, ponds and water gardens, and for mass plantings; certainly will brighten the edge of a pond.

It can be used on difficult banks to prevent erosion, makes magnificent cut flowers, and is resistant to deer! ‘ Lion King’ produces showy flowers in late spring on rigid stems, and the clumps will grow together and snuff out weeds.

Popular and dependable, it is an easily grown Iris, and it spreads by rhizomes.

If planted this year, it will be even bigger and better in a season or two!
* Double White Flowers with Purple Edging
* Loves Moist Soil
* Grows to 4′

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