Garden Plant: Iris Argentea Variegata

Iris Argentea Variegata Garden Plant

Iris Argentea Variegata

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Product Description: Iris Argentea Variegata

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Iris Argentea-variegata, Iris pallida ‘ Argentea-variegata’, has striking ivory and green foliage that looks great with the classic pale lavender-blue flowers with yellow beards that appear in the late spring and early summer.

The highly fragrant flowers have a distinctive scent that is variously described as reminiscent of grape jelly, orange blossom, or vanilla.

The low clumps of sword-like leaves remain nearly evergreen in mild winter climates, but in cold areas the plant dies back to the ground like other irises do.

It prefers moist, well-drained soil in full sun, but will tolerate some afternoon shade.

This Iris needs plenty of water throughout the season to continue to looks its best.

Iris ‘ Argentea-variegata’ is useful in many ways.

Best used around pools, ponds and water gardens, and for mass plantings.

It can also be used in difficult banks for preventing erosion.

Gather the large blooms for an extraordinary indoor arrangement.
* Deer resistant
* Disease Resistant

Iris Argentea Variegata Order Options