Garden Plant: Invincibelle Spirit II Hydrangea

Invincibelle Spirit II Hydrangea Garden Plant

Invincibelle Spirit II Hydrangea

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Product Description: Invincibelle Spirit II Hydrangea

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Improved, Long- Blooming Hydrangea Imagine a shrub in your yard, adorned with huge flower heads that slowly sway in the afternoon breeze.

The giant blooms, sprinkled with shades of both red and pink, decorate the vibrant green foliage and continue blooming from mid-summer until the first frost.

Invincibelle Spirit I I Hydrangea will bring that floral brilliance to your yard this year, creating an undeniable point of amazement for family and friends.

This gorgeous hydrangea improves on its predecessor (Invincibelle Spirit Hydrangea), with stronger stems to hold the flowers of increased size upright.

It has also enhanced the color of both flower and foliage.

The delicate red/pink blossoms cluster together to form massive flower heads, and the bloom keeps on going repeatedly throughout the season.

As the flowers age, they provide another colorful treat by transitioning to a lovely shade of green.

Your Invincibelle Spirit I I Hydrangea is a deciduous shrub that will grow up to 4 feet tall with a 5 foot spread.

It has a mounded habit and is adaptable to a variety of soils.

Spirit I I produces its blooms on new growth, so it’s a dependable bloomer.

The flowers are terrific for use as cut flowers, and even have staying power when dried for winter arrangements or craft projects.

Several Spirit I I, planted together, will form a stunning border in your yard.

Use just one for a spectacular accent near a front entrance.

Anywhere you place these is sure to draw attention.

As with the original Invincibelle Spirit, for every plant sold, $1 will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Center, which is committed to preventing breast cancer and finding a cure in our lifetime by funding clinical and translational research worldwide.

Invincibelle Spirit I I Hydrangea is a fabulous, long-blooming selection that is an improvement on an already spectacular choice.

This newer variety is sure to wow you and your guests with its display and please you with its reliable, easy care nature.

Order yours today!
* Huge flowers that bloom for months
* Blooms on new growth
* Adaptable to a variety of soils
* $1 donated to Breast Cancer Research for every plant sold

Invincibelle Spirit II Hydrangea Order Options