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Intermedia Barberry

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Barberry Color in Compact Form Intermedia Barberry is a small, Japanese shrub.

One would make a lovely specimen planting for your yard, or you could use several as a filler hedge or border.

Your Intermedia Barberry is a delicate splash of reliable color for any setting where you need that little bit of something extra to spice up a location.

It has the same red foliage that Barberries are prized for, but in a smaller, more compact package than other varieties.

It’s also handy because does well even in soils where other ornamental shrubs might struggle.

Intermedia does have thorns, but what might be seen as a negative aspect of a shrub, is actually an asset with this Barberry.

Because of its thorny nature, deer and rabbits tend to pass it by, and it’s sometimes used in places where a little extra security could be useful, as vandals may be deterred by the thorns.

Intermedia Barberry is a deciduous shrub that will grow up to 3 feet tall with an equal spread.

It has a uniform, rounded shape and the dense foliage presents a lush, vibrant appearance.

You can let it grow freely but it doesn’t mind if you trim it to maintain the shape and size you prefer.

Barberry bushes grow best in full sun, and are tolerant of many types of soil.

Compact and hardy, with reliable color that spices up any setting, the Intermedia Barberry is perfect choice for your yard today!
* Foliage color
* Compact size
* Uniform shape
* Thrives in full sun

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