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Indian Magic Crabapple Garden Plant

Indian Magic Crabapple

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A Small Tree for Every Need! The Indian Magic Crabapple, Malus ‘ Indian Magic’, exhibits a growth habit that has an open, rounded crown, upright spreading branches, and is smothered with deep pink flowers in the spring.

What a versatile 15′ all with a 20′ spread tree! Its’ small size is perfect for planting under power lines and overhead structures.

Indian Magic truly has multi-season appeal.

Indian Magic shows off its handsome green foliage all summer, which turns to a golden-orange in the fall.

The falling leaves reveal a generous crop of small, bright red fruit that turn reddish-orange after the first few frosts of the season.

It persists into winter to atract birds and wildlife.

Indian Magic crabapple thrives in full sun and grows best in well drained, slightly acidic soils, however, it will grow well in many soil types; tolerates the cold winters and hot, dry summers prevalent in the Midwest.

No tree creates a greater intrigue or visual impact during all four seasons than the flowering crabapple!
* Profusion of Deep Pink Flowers
* Small Spreading Tree
* Fall Color and Persistent Fruit

Indian Magic Crabapple Order Options