Garden Plant: Hydrangea Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha

Hydrangea Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha Garden Plant

Hydrangea Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha

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Product Description: Hydrangea Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha

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Small plant, E N O R M O U S blooms! Ok, hydrangea lovers everywhere – prepare to be impressed! This new hydrangea serrata (or mountain hydrangea) is a lovely little plant.

It grows to a practically petite 2-3 feet tall and wide.

It has typical fresh-green hydrangea leaves and loves all of the things that other hydrangeas love too – a little shade, a good watering regimen, not a lot of pruning.

But that, friends, is where the similarity ends.

Tuff Stuff ‘Ah- Ha’ hydrangea has massive dinner-plate sized blooms on this little plant! Each bloom is big and flat and made up of many florets.

Each floret looks like a painted-porcelain waterlily.

One floret will fill your hand! The cut-flower centerpiece possibilities are endless here.

(Like other mountain hydrangeas, the color is determined by your soil ph.

You can have bright pastel pink or rich sky blue or any color on the spectrum between the two, depending on your soil.

You can also change the flower color by changing the ph.

Fun for kids!) And this isn’t a one-trick-pony.

It is a voracious rebloomer, so you get a looong season of blooms.

This is a fantastic addition to your shade or cutting garden this year.

Order soon.

We might sell out of this one!
* Petite plant
* M A S S I W E flowers
* Shade
* Color depends on soil ph
* Very easy care

Hydrangea Tuff Stuff Ah-Ha Order Options