Garden Plant: Hummelo Lambs Ear

Hummelo Lambs Ear Garden Plant

Hummelo Lambs Ear

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Green Foliage Produces Rosy Spikes Lambs Ear Hummelo, Stachys monnieri ‘ Hummelo’, produces sturdy spikes of rosy lavender flowers that make an impressive display in mid-summer.

Unlike the more common types of stachys, which have soft silvery foliage, ‘ Hummelo’ has glossy dark green foliage which remains attractive all season! The mounding foliage is heavily textured and this species forms rugged, large, rounded clumps of green, long and narrow, textured leaves.

It is lovely even when it’s not in bloom!’ Hummelo’ Lamb’s Ear needs to be planted in full sun in a well-drained area.

It makes a unique and stunning addition to any sunny border! This plant will add texture and color in rock gardens and looks wonderful with Veronica ‘ Goodness Grows’, Tradescantia ‘ Concord Grape’ or other purple blooming perennials.

The clumps will spread over time to form a dense ground cover.

Leaves are evergreen in warm winter climates, but will not do well in harsh winters.

A robust bloomer, this ‘ Hummelo’ Lamb’s Ear is an outstanding garden performer!
* Rosy Lavender Spikes in Mid Summer
* Glossy Dark Green Foliage
* Full Sun and Well Drained Soil

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