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Hot Rod Switch Grass

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Dazzling Color Earlier Than Other Grasses With Hot Rod Switch Grass you won’t have to wait long to enjoy vibrant color in your yard.

Delightful, blue-tinted foliage quickly bursts into bright shades of eye-catching red with this remarkably colorful switch grass variety.

By the time autumn arrives, your picturesque grass adopts shades of deep purple, topped with decorative seeds of red/purple intensity.

The long, slender blades of Hot Rod reach up tall and straight, with an additional 6 inches added once it’s whimsical, airy seeds make an appearance.

Your Hot Rod Switch Grass is a perennial grass that will grow 36-42 inches in height, with a 24-inch spread when mature.

It has an upright habit, with a gentle cascading effect (to the outside foliage), lending a touch of additional elegance to its form.

It’s drought tolerant and generally carefree.

Even deer tend to leave it alone! Hot Rod is spectacular when planted en masse or used as a border.

Hot Rod Switch Grass stays true to its name as the “hot rod ” of the grasses-ablaze in color from summer through fall.

Even when in decline Hot Rod adds decorative interest to the winter landscape.

Hot Rod Switch Grass is a must-have for those spots in your yard where you’d like some year-round interest.

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* Colorful foliage
* Adaptable to a variety of soils
* Drought tolerant
* Sun tolerant
* Salt tolerant

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