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Hosta Elegans

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Large Hosta With Striking Blue Heart Shaped Leaves Beginning gardeners sometimes find shade gardening a challenge.

What will grow well, what will thrive, what will stand out and make my shade garden pop? The answer to that is easy – Hosta.

Hosta plants love the shade and with their form and colors bring an easy sophistication to the shade garden.

A great Hosta to start with is Hosta Elegans (Hosta Sieboldiana Elegans).

This hosta is extra-large with eye-catching heart-shaped leaves.

The leaves are a beautiful shade of blue-green and have such a unique texture they look almost as if they have been stitched by a seamstress.

As if the striking leaves weren’t enough, they sport long wands of white flowers from July to August.

The flowers make the plant reach 30 ” tall and they spread 48-60 ” wide.

Give this elegant lady room to grow! Hosta ‘ Elegans’ needs to be planted in full shade in any moist, well-drained area.

Use this low care perennial in shady woodland settings, foundation plantings or your favorite pot.

A great choice for any beginner gardener, this blue-green giant hosta will certainly be outstanding wherever it is planted!
* Solid Blue Green Heart Shaped Leaves
* Textured with Powdery Cast
* White Flowers in Late Summer Keep Your Hosta Collection Healthy

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