Garden Plant: Hibiscus Midnight Marvel

Hibiscus Midnight Marvel Garden Plant

Hibiscus Midnight Marvel

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Brilliant Foliage and Flowers in a Hardy Hibiscus Midnight Marvel Hibiscus is a variety of Hibiscus with purple foliage and scarlet blooms.

It would make a wonderful specimen planting in your yard.

It’s hard to envision flowers as spectacular as those produced by a Hibiscus plant.

and your Midnight Marvel stands up to that reputation.

Black buds with a spiral texture open into breathtaking, 9-inch scarlet flowers in mid-summer.

The flowers are prolific and last until the frost.

Large, dark-purple leaves will put on a dramatic show in your yard spring and summer, transforming to a spicy orange for fall.

Just imagine the effect of those huge red blooms against the orange foliage in your autumn yard! Your Midnight Marvel will be one of the last plants to emerge in your spring garden, but once it gets started, its fast growth rate ensures that it catches up quickly.

It can withstand short periods of drought and is very easy to care for.

One of the great things about Midnight Marvel is that even if you don’t plant it in optimal conditions you will still see an impressive show.

However, if you plant it in a moist, hot and sunny location, it will knock your socks off! Hibiscus plants are among the most impressive, easy to care for plants of the summer garden.

and Midnight Marvel is a particularly impressive variety.

Plant several today for an amazing show of color that will last for years to come.
* Spectacular flowers
* Unique purple foliage
* Fall color
* Hardy

Hibiscus Midnight Marvel Order Options