Garden Plant: Hibiscus Luna White

Hibiscus Luna White Garden Plant

Hibiscus Luna White

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White Petals and a Red Eye Hibiscus Luna White, Hibiscus moscheutos ‘ Luna White’, produces large, beautiful, dreamy white flowers that “pop” with a burgundy red eye center.

Hibiscus ‘ Luna White’ is a compact, bushy plant which produces a large number of flowers that grow to 8″ in diameter.

The blooms of ‘ Luna White’ are produced in mid to late summer, and the compact plant size is perfect for smaller gardens or large decorative containers.

Grows well in any fertile, well-drained soil with ample moisture.

Do not allow to dry to the wilting point.

Be patient, hibiscus can be slow to emerge in spring.

For best performance, plant in full sun in moist soil before the heat of the summer.

Suitable for very large containers, but pots must be protected over winter.

Although the hibiscus grows tall, the need for staking is rare.

These plants will die back to ground level during the winter months.

Be careful to not over-water until plants show signs of growth! Hibiscus needs little care once established, attracts butterflies, and it has the largest flowers of any perennial! These blooms will attract butterflies and hummingbirds!
* 8″ White Flower with Bright Red Eye
* Blooms All Summer
* Compact Plant

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