Garden Plant: Hibiscus Luna Rose

Hibiscus Luna Rose Garden Plant

Hibiscus Luna Rose

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Dinner Plate Sized Flowers! Often small plants have dainty flowers.

They are sweet to look at and draw you in close.

Hibiscus ‘ Luna Rose’ (Hibiscus moscheutos ‘ Luna Rose) is not that plant.

Luna Rose I S a compact plant, but it has massive flowers that you can see from a mile away.

They can grow up the size of dinner plates! The color of Luna Rose – a deep rose-pink – is eye-catching on its own, but if you look closer at the ruffled, overlapping petals and the sheer size and you will be forever hooked.

A member of the native and easy-to-care-for mallow family, Luna Rose Hibiscus will be a great addition to your garden.

Growing only 2-3 feet high and wide, it is perfect for your favorite large container or to fill in those holes in your perennial border or foundation planting.

You’ll want to plant it where it can be seen and enjoyed, for sure.

Combine Luna Rose with purple flowers like Russian Sage or French Lavender for a winning combination.

Make sure to order yours from Nature Hills today so that you won’t miss out.

This is a great seller.
* Massive flowers
* Easy care
* Attracts butterflies and hummingbirds

Hibiscus Luna Rose Order Options