Garden Plant: Heuchera Wild Rose

Heuchera Wild Rose Garden Plant

Heuchera Wild Rose

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Product Description: Heuchera Wild Rose

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Rosy purple foliage thrives in the shade! Heuchera is a great ground cover foliage plant for the shady areas of your garden.

It is grown for its richly colored foliage, but it also has sweet little spikes of flowers that bloom sporadically too.

Wild Rose is a new introduction that has lovely rose-purple leaves that are highlighted by charcoal-gray veins and has spikes of pink flowers.

It definitely inspires closer inspection, so plant this where you can see it up close.

It loves the shade and is great planted in masses under trees and on the shady sides of a wall.

It also excels in containers.

Two or three heuchera’s in a pot make a great statement and they look beautiful planted with other shade lovers like hostas, coleus and impatiens.

Heuchera comes in a wide range of colors and when planted en masse they create a wonderful patchwork quilt.

They love dappled shade (like under a tree) but Wild Rose can take full sun or full shade, too, which makes it very versatile in your garden.

It is an evergreen, so the leaves retain their rosy outlook all winter.

Just remove winter-tattered leaves in the spring to give it a refresh for the year.

This is an easy plant to care for and an easy fix for a tired garden.

Order several of them today!
* Rosy purple foliage
* Pink flowers
* Winter interest
* Evergreen
* Easy care

Heuchera Wild Rose Order Options