Garden Plant: Heptacodium Temple Of Bloom

Heptacodium Temple Of Bloom Garden Plant

Heptacodium Temple Of Bloom

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Very rare and beautiful! Now is the time to take your garden to the next level.

No more “common” plantings.

Nothing that will make people smile politely as they’re stifling a yawn.

Now is the time for you to be the first in your neighborhood – maybe the first in your city and quite possibly the first in your state – to plant Heptacodium Temple of Bloom.

Heptacodium is native to China and is very rare.

So rare that it might not even exist in the wild anymore.

It has only recently become available in the nursery market and even then, only in small quantities.

We are super excited to offer it to you, but please don’t hesitate to order yours early.

They W I L L sell out and we only have a limited supply.

Heptacodium is a small tree (6′-10′ tall) that looks reminiscent of a crape myrtle when it’s in full bloom in spring and summer.

The white flowers come in whorls on big puffy panicles.

Each whorls contains 7 flowers, which is why in China this is known as “Seven Son Flower”.

Unlike crape myrtles, though, after the white flowers are done blooming they are replaced with cherry-red bracts over the seed pods that look even more spectacular than the flowers! These pods last well into winter when the leaves fall.

Then the peeling birch-like bark takes center stage.

This is a true four season stunner! Birds, butterflies and bees appreciate the fall nectar and you will appreciate the flurry of activity.

Do your part in helping preserve this rare beauty for the world.

Order yours from us today and let us know how it does for you.
* Very rare
* White flowers
* Long blooming
* Cherry-red bracts in fall
* Completely unique in the U S

Heptacodium Temple Of Bloom Order Options