Garden Plant: Happy Face Hearts Potentilla

Happy Face Hearts Potentilla Garden Plant

Happy Face Hearts Potentilla

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Product Description: Happy Face Hearts Potentilla

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Dainty but tough as nails! Happy Face Hearts Potentilla (Potentilla fruticosa) is both tough and beautiful.

All of the potentilla in the Happy Face series are.

They are bred to have super performing hardiness.

(How about being beautiful up to zone 2? They can take a winter of -50 degrees and bust out in the spring like it was a sweet winter’s nap!) They are known for non-stop blooms that start in late spring and go all summer.

The blooms are not little wimpy things, either, but big and proud flowers that cover the plant.

Happy Face Hearts blooms look like apple blossoms.

They are pink with a creamy-white ‘star’ in the center that gives it an old-fashioned picotee edge.

They also maintain the pink color no matter how hot it gets.

They don’t bleach out.

But even though they look sweetly old-fashioned, they give a hardy modern day performance.

They prefer moist soil but as they mature they can adapt to dry soil very easily.

Use Happy Face Hearts in your mixed perennial borders or even as edging – they only grow 1′-2′ tall and wide.

They make a great tall groundcover and look really good in big drifts in the landscape.

They mix well with other pink or white flowers.

You will love these native plants.

They will work hard for you, but not make you work hard! Buy some from us today.
* Pink and white apple blossom-like flowers
* Full sun
* Hardy
* Easy
* Native
* Groundcover
* Clay soil

Happy Face Hearts Potentilla Order Options