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Hachiya Persimmon

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Healthy Fruit with Fall and Winter Color Hachiya Persimmon is a fruit-bearing tree that produces superb autumn fruit.

Plant one in a sunny location where you can enjoy the fall harvest and winter interest that this versatile tree provides.

Your Hachiya Persimmon’s outstanding feature is of course the fruit it will provide you with each year.

Large in size, and displaying a deep orange-red color, the acorn-shaped treat this variety produces is as decorative a sight as it is delicious.

This particular variety is of the astringent nature, but don’t be fooled-the astringent types of Persimmon are often thought to provide the sweetest and richest flavor of any of the Persimmons available.

When completely ripe, the jelly-like consistency of the fruit will possess a flavor unlike anything you have ever tasted! This Persimmon is also often thought to be the best for use in cooking.

The fruit of your Hachiya Persimmon can be eaten from the tree, or the mature fruit can be frozen and thawed to ripen.

It’s an excellent source of fiber and vitamins A and C.

In fact, many people seek out Persimmons just for their health value alone.

Hachiya Persimmon will grow to about 20 feet in height.

It has an upright and spreading nature that will present a lovely silhouette in your landscape.

In the fall your Hachiya will not only provide its harvest, but also display yet another valuable feature as the green leaves transition to shades of yellow, orange and red.

Hachiya is wildly adaptable to a variety of soil conditions and is a vigorous grower.

Persimmons are self-pollinating so you can start with just one to give them a try.

However, we’re sure that after enjoying the benefits of this lovely tree and delicious fruit, you’ll want several for your home.
* Delicious and healthy fruit
* Self-fertile
* Fall color and winter interest
* Hardy

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