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Grey Twig Dogwood

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Ornamental Interest for Difficult Areas Grey Twig Dogwood is a deciduous shrub with ornamental features.

Use a few of these for those locations in your yard where you’d like something pretty, but have problematic soils or conditions.

Your Gray Dogwood has a lot to recommend it.

The twigs are grey, rather than brown, and a lovely contrast to the new growth which begins as red.

The 4-inch long, lance-shaped foliage is an elegant grey-hued, green that turns a dusky purple/red for autumn.

The late spring flowers appear as clusters of white blossoms that later transition to the fruit.

Each berry is supported by a red stem, another decorative accent that is especially attractive in the winter months after the fruit is gone and the red stems remain.

Gray Dogwood will grow 10-15 feet tall with an equal spread, but can be pruned to almost any size.

It is adaptable to poor soils, heat and drought, but is often seen in moist or rocky locations.

Your Gray Dogwood would clearly be an exceptional addition to your yard under almost any conditions.

However, it’s especially valuable as a hardy, ornamental shrub for those areas where you need something a little less fussy.

Why not fill in those problem areas of your landscape with a Gray Dogwood today, and reap the rewards of a truly exceptional, and hardy, ornamental shrub.
* Decorative foliage and twig color
* Spring flowers and fall fruit
* Hardy
* Wildlife interest Pruning Spring Flowering Shrubs in Southern Regions

Grey Twig Dogwood Order Options