Garden Plant: Green Velvet Boxwood

Green Velvet Boxwood Garden Plant

Green Velvet Boxwood

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Product Description: Green Velvet Boxwood

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Rounded Shape with Consistent Color Green Velvet Boxwood is a hardy, boxwood variety suitable for several purposes.

Plant one as a small hedge along a border, or use one as a single accent planting in a formal garden.

Green Velvet Boxwood is a slow-growing broadleaf evergreen that requires little care.

If left alone, it will assume a pleasing, 2′-3′ rounded shape and maintain its color year-round.

Unlike other evergreens, Green Velvet Boxwood experiences minimal winter bronzing, so you will enjoy its vibrant color even in the cold months.

Your Green Velvet Boxwood adds color and texture to the landscape, growing to a height of 3 feet with an equal spread.

It would enjoy a spot in your yard with full shade to part sun, and will even tolerate pruning should you prefer to dictate its shape in your landscape.

The Green Velvet is a 1997 Styer Award Winner and 1998 Michigan Growers’ Choice Award Winner.

Once you have one in your yard, it will be easy see why this evergreen Boxwood is a prize-winning specimen.
* Low Rounded Profile
* Full Sun to Part Shade
* Vibrant green through winter

Green Velvet Boxwood Order Options