Garden Plant: Green Spice Coral Bells

Green Spice Coral Bells Garden Plant

Green Spice Coral Bells

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Product Description: Green Spice Coral Bells

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The Heuchera ‘ Green Spice’, Heuchera micrantha, also known as Coral Bells, Alum Root, and Crimson Bells, is a vigorous growing variety has excellent leaf color contrast, large, dark gray-edged silver leaves with purple veining.

The summer blooming flowers are cream colored and contrast nicely with the dark color of the foliage.

The dark green edged silver leaves spread to 16″, with a 10″ foliage height.

It is impressive in seasonal container gardens.

Green Spices exhibits excellent growth qualities and is more shade tolerant than most hybrid coral bells.

Heuchera is susceptible to rot, so good drainage is essential while roots establish themselves.

It can also be used in hanging baskets, beds, and in window boxes.

Great for a beginner gardener because it is easy to grow! Divide clumps every 3 to 4 years in spring.
* Bold foliage
* Great groundcover
* Easy to maintain

Green Spice Coral Bells Order Options