Garden Plant: Green Sargent Juniper

Green Sargent Juniper Garden Plant

Green Sargent Juniper

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Product Description: Green Sargent Juniper

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The Juniper ‘ Green Sargent’, Juniperus chinensis sargentii ‘ Wiridis’, has broad spreading, thick, heavy branches that make an excellent ground cover.

‘ Green Sargent’ has handsome, dark-green foliage that holds its rich green color all year long.

This shrub plant is a salt-water tolerant evergreen shrub that can be grown by the water’s edge.

It will control erosion as a dense ground cover base plant for your landscape too.

‘ Green Sargent’ is useful as a specimen or in small groups in landscape beds or a low-growing shrub under low windows in foundation plantings.

This juniper is very hardy with wind and drought tolerance.

It is best to prune while the plants are fairly young to help increase branching habit, and develop even better foliage density.
* Salt Tolerant!

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