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Green Giant Magnolia

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Fantastic Evergreen Foliage Green Giant Magnolia, Magnolia grandiflora ‘ Green Giant’, is an evergreen shrub with superior ornamental features.

Plant one for a magnificent specimen tree, or use several a lush, evergreen screen.

Magnolia trees are among the most primitive of flowering plants and perhaps best known for their spectacular flowers.

but Green Giant Magnolia has many other fabulous features as well.

Its leathery leaves reach a size of up to 8-inches and possess a gorgeous glossy sheen.

Foliage is oval in appearance with a decorative, golden hue to the new growth that eventually transitions to dark green (with a green underside hue).

From late spring into early summer, huge flowers burst into bloom, each up to 10-inches across! You’ll adore the cup-shaped blossoms with their waxy, creamy white perfection, and equally heavenly fragrance.

Fruit appears in fall in the form of brown cones that soon open to reveal scarlet berries, yet another decorative accent to this already exquisite shrub.

The fruit provides needed food for your birds and the lush foliage wildlife shelter for winter.

Green Giant Magnolia will grow up to 60 feet tall with a 30 foot spread.

It’s moderate to fast-growing, with a coarse-textured, pyramidal habit.

It’s quite hardy, able to withstand drought, urban and seaside conditions.

Even deer and rabbits tend to leave it alone! Magnolias are always sought-after shrubs, gorgeous in any setting.

and Green Giant Magnolia is no exception.

While it’s not prolific in its production of flowers, its fantastic foliage, impressive stature and hardy nature make it a must-have for your yard this year.
* Evergreen
* Gorgeous flowers
* Fragrant
* Fast growing
* Heat, humidity and drought tolerant
* Urban tolerant
* Seashore adaptive

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