Garden Plant: Good Vibrations Juniper

Good Vibrations Juniper Garden Plant

Good Vibrations Juniper

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Product Description: Good Vibrations Juniper

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Low- Growing Juniper That Changes Color! The Good vibrations Juniper is a low-growing Juniper with remarkable changing colors.

Its low-growing nature would make a perfect boarder plant for your perennial bed or a terrific ground cover.

This delightful Juniper is soft to the touch and changes colors with the seasons.

In the spring your Juniper’s color emerges as greenish-yellow that transitions to gold for the summer months.

Autumn brings an orange hue to your Juniper’s dramatic foliage, providing additional color and definition to the barren landscape.

Your Good Vibrations Juniper will grow to about 2 feet tall.

Its horizontal branching gracefully arches out to about 11 feet.

It’s a terrific ground cover with a variety of uses for both the manicured yard and naturalized areas as well.

The Good Vibrations Juniper is a drought tolerant, deer resistant plant that won’t require any of your time or energy.

It’s tolerant of most conditions and generally takes care of itself.

A Good Vibrations Juniper will dress up the seasons with little effort required from you.

Plant a few today to fill in those bare spots in your landscape with year-round color.
* Year-round color
* Hardy
* Deer Resistance

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