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Goldstar Potentilla

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Bright Yellow- Gold Flowers All Summer Long Goldstar Potentilla is a deciduous shrub with bright flowers.

These would make an attractive border along your perennial garden, or plant just one or two for some colorful accents by your front door.

Your Goldstar Potentialla is an extremely popular little shrub beloved for its prolific, showy bloom of bright, yellow flowers all summer long.

The 5-peteled, 1 to 2-inch, single blossoms are so bright and sunny that your shrub will appear to be covered in “gold stars ” throughout the season.

In fact, from late spring right up until the first frost, your Goldstar’s splash of bright color will be a near-constant source of attention in your yard.

The light green, pinnate leaves do a terrific job of filling out around the starry blossoms, a perfect backdrop for the intense blooms.

Goldstar Potentilla will grow to 3 feet tall with a 4-foot spread.

It has a multi-branched, bushy habit.

Goldstar is a hardy plant, mildew resistant and does well in cold climates.

It’s tolerant of poor soils and urban environments.

You can place it in light shade, but it will perform best with full sun.

The Goldstar Potentilla is a popular plant for good reason.

It’s hard to do better than a rugged, carefree shrub that produces brilliant, “stars ” of color all summer long.

Plant a Goldstar Potentilla today and you’ll soon see why Goldstar is such a popular ornamental shrub.
* Showy flowers
* Long bloom period
* Cold hardy

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