Garden Plant: Goldfinger Potentilla

Goldfinger Potentilla Garden Plant

Goldfinger Potentilla

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No Maintenance on Small Shrub The Potentilla Goldfinger is a gorgeous, compact shrub.

Its brilliant golden yellow flowers are nearly two inches across.

Its large, rich yellow blossoms bloom all summer, and are a beautiful against this shrubs fine textured foliage.

Besides blooming into late fall, it is also deer resistant.

It is widely regarded as one the best yellow-flowering potentilla cultivars.

The Goldfingers’ compact, mounding form makes it a perfect choice as a border, low hedge or an accent piece in your garden.

This shrub requires very little maintenance.

It is best pruned in late winter to control its size and shape.

If left to grow, it will mature to 3′ with a little wider spread.

Goldfinger should only be grown in full sunlight.

It is adaptable to moist or dry locations and preforms beautifully in urban conditions.
* Large 2″ Yellow Flowers
* Deer Resistant
* Prefers Full Sun

Goldfinger Potentilla Order Options