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Golden Ticket Privet Garden Plant

Golden Ticket Privet

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Non-invasive Wersion of Classic Landscape Shrub! Privet (Ligustrum) has been used for a long time to block off views of air conditioners and other eye-sores around the home.

They form dense, leafy walls and create a lot of privacy very quickly.

Unfortunately, they also can be invasive, making a nuisance of themselves in your yard and in naturalized areas when they escape their bounds.

‘ Golden Ticket’ Privet (Ligustrum x vicaryi ‘ N C L X1’ U S PPAF) is the very first sterile, non-invasive privet.

It doesn’t have any of the privet’s bad qualities, but all of it is good ones! The beautiful foliage is glossy and thick.

It starts our bright yellow and ages to a gentle chartreuse.

This color combo makes it like a beacon among the evergreens in your foundation and border plantings.

(It does well in either sun or part shade, but the color will be better the more sun it has.

It will tend toward darker greens in shadier situations.

Not only does ‘ Golden Ticket’ Privet look great in your landscape, the strong stems and architectural structure of the leaves make it a great filler in cut flower arrangements.

It doesn’t need heavy pruning to maintain its beautiful vase-like shape, but can handle it well if a tighter hedge is desired.

You really can’t go wrong adding these to your landscape! Order yours today!
* The only sterile privet on the market – non-invasive
* Beautiful golden chartreuse foliage
* Full sun or part shade, and adaptable to most soil types

Golden Ticket Privet Order Options