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Golden Lights Azalea

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Cold Hardy Azalea with Rare Golden Orange Color The Azalea Golden Lights, Azalea ‘ Golden Lights’, has rich and fragrant golden-yellow flowers with showy bronze-red fall foliage that is simply gorgeous! It is one of the renowned Northern Lights series of very cold-hardy Azaleas bred in Minnesota.

It was designed in order to bring this glorious warm-climate shrub all the way through zone 3.

The flowers open from bright golden buds into orange blooms, each about an inch wide and held in huge clusters.

It blooms a bit later in spring than most Azaleas, extending the Azalea show by a week or so.

This hard to find shade of golden-orange Azalea is a very lovely big, well-proportioned shrub; grows 6 feet high and 4 feet wide.

Plant in acid soil in filtered sunlight or light shade, although plants tolerate full sun in cool-summer areas.

Mulch well and avoid disturbing its roots (which remain very near the surface), fertilize twice a year with an acidic mixture, and water well throughout the growth period.

Never prune after mid-summer because those branches produce the next season’s flowers.

With the Golden Lights, gorgeous azaleas are now available for colder climates.
* Cold hardy – zones 3 to 7
* Thrives in full sun to light shade
* Medium height, up to 6 feet

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