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Golden Delicious Apple Tree

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A hugely popular, easy to grow apple tree.

The Golden Delicious Apple tree (Malus ‘Golden Delicious’) is one of the worlds most widely planted apple trees which is one of the easiest and most dependable apple trees to grow.

In the spring your Golden Delicious Apple tree will burst into bloom.

Beautiful clusters of pink buds open to reveal snowy white flowers.

From September to October your Golden Delicious apples will turn from a pale green to their familiar golden green color signaling that they are ripe.

Allowed to ripen on the tree you will notice a vast difference in flavor when compared to the Golden Delicious apples purchased at the supermarket.

Home grown Golden Delicious apples are exceptionally sweet and rich.

Their thin skin and delicious crisp fruit makes the Golden Delicious a favorite for eating fresh off the tree and for baking.

The Golden Delicious Apple tree is self fruiting, and does not need a pollinator.

However, planting it with a pollinator will produce more fruit.

Ideal pollinators are the Red delicious, Honeycrisp and Red Jonathan.

It is also an excellent pollinator for most other apple trees that ripen from September to October.

More warm hardy than most apple trees, the Golden delicious is easy to grow, produces large, high quality, all purpose apples with heavy annual crops making a great choice for you and your family.
* Yellow Apple
* Dependable Annual High Yield
* Self Pollinating

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