Garden Plant: Gold Dew Tufted Hair Grass

Gold Dew Tufted Hair Grass Garden Plant

Gold Dew Tufted Hair Grass

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Product Description: Gold Dew Tufted Hair Grass

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A compact grass with a big impact! Grasses are finally getting their day in the sun in American home gardens.

Long a staple of riotous English cottage borders and calm Japanese tea gardens alike, U S gardeners are finally catching up to the ease and carefree beauty of well-chosen grasses in their own spaces.

The catch with growing grasses is that you have to know what size and form you’re growing or you’ll end up with the wrong plant in the wrong place and many people misjudge just how tall grasses can grow.

With the beautiful Gold Dew Tufted Hair Grass (Dechampsia cespitosa ‘ Goldtau’) you get a highly ornamental but compact plant that packs a big punch in a little space.

Gold Dew has very dark green leaves and blooms a little later than other grasses, but when it blooms it is covered in golden inflorescence that dance and shine and sparkle in your garden and are well worth the wait.

These naturally short plants – the tufts only get about 24 ” tall – are perfect for covering the ‘feet’ of bare-bottomed plants like tall Phlox or Bee Balm for a prairie garden effect.

Or try them around roses for a modern take on the classic lavender/rose combo.

If you want to really stop traffic, a mass planting along a walk or driveway will do the trick.

Join the revolution.

Order Gold Dew Tufted Hair grass from Nature Hills today.
* Only 2′ tall
* 4 seasons of interest
* Adaptable to many soil types
* Full sun

Gold Dew Tufted Hair Grass Order Options