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Gladiator Crabapple Tree

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Hot Pink Flowers on a Compact Fruit Tree The list of trees that fit perfectly under power lines or in small spaces without needing constant pruning or fussing is a short one.

Add to that list ‘trees that bear fruit’ and it slims down a whole lot more.

At the top of that list should be the new Gladiator crabapple (Malus x adstringens ‘ Durleo’).

These are excellent ornamental trees with year-round interest.

They start in the spring and early summer with a cloud of bright pink ruffled flowers that cover the tree.

The glossy bronze-purple leaves stay lush all growing season.

After the flowers comes the bounty of small reddish-purple fruit.

Tart – but great in preserves – these little fruits come by the bushel full.

In the winter, after the leaves have blazed red and fallen from the tree, the amazing bark makes a striking form in the landscape.

The trunk gets unique bole-like bumps that make it really stand out from other bare trees in your yard.

Crabapples make beautiful trees along driveways and wide paths.

They make great windbreaks and screens.

Plant several for an eye-catching show.

Nature Hills ships strong field-grown trees that arrive in mint condition, ready to plant in your garden.

They have healthy roots and strong branching and we know that you will be pleased.

Order a few of these show-stoppers today!
* First Editions Plants
* Hot pink flowers
* Glossy bronze foliage
* Fruiting

Gladiator Crabapple Tree Order Options