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Ghost Fern

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The Ghost Fern, ‘ Athyrium niponicum var.

pictum and Athyrium filix-feminais’, is a deciduous hybrid fern.

The characteristic that is most noteable is it’s upright silvery foliage.

The silvery foliage is acquired from its Japanese painted fern parent and upright habit from its lady fern parent.

It typically grows to 30 ” tall.

The slowly spreading clump of fronds are a soft grayish-green with an overlay of silvery shades.

The silver is contrasted by the darker maroon midribs.

The fronds become more grayish-green as summers warmer temperatures arrive.

The Ghost Fern is easily grown in organically rich, medium wet, well-drained soil in part shade to full shade.

The best site for this plant is in sheltered location.

The Ghost Fern will tolerate more soil dryness than some other ferns, but soils must not be allowed to dry out.

This fern is best used in, shade gardens or shaded border fronts, and in shaded areas near streams or ponds.

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