Garden Plant: Georgia Peach Coral Bells

Georgia Peach Coral Bells Garden Plant

Georgia Peach Coral Bells

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Giant Burgundy Leaves Coral Bells Georgia Peach, Heuchera ‘ Georgia Peach’, has lots of burgundy purple leaves so does not get lost in a shady garden! With giant rounded leaves, it is twice the size of most coral bells, and as the season progresses, they become redder, always with a showy silver overlay! ‘ Georgia Peach’ displays prays of creamy-white flowers from late-spring to midsummer.

Plant it around the edge of borders, near variegated plants, woodland edges, rock gardens, perennial borders, or in mass to form an attractive ground cover; an ideal companion for hostas.

This coral bell is excellent in partly shaded borders, under trees, and even mixed into ornamental containers on shady patios.

Heuchera is susceptible to rot, so good drainage is essential while roots establish themselves.

‘ Georgia Peach’ is a relatively low maintenance perennial, and this coral bell should be cut back in late fall in preparation for winter.

Tolerating heat and humidity, it is better than most heucheras, so it performs well even in the South where it is an evergreen.

It is content in sun or shade.

‘ Georgia Peach’, adds a bit of flavor to any perennial garden with its texture, vigor, and vibrant color.

This cheerful plant has enough glow to catch your eye!
* Huge Leaves Darken Throughout the Season
* Silver Highlights in Burgundy Leaves
* Sun or Shade and Heat Tolerant
* Astounding color Keep Your Coral Bells Looking Good

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