Garden Plant: Gatsby Gal Oakleaf Hydrangea

Gatsby Gal Oakleaf Hydrangea Garden Plant

Gatsby Gal Oakleaf Hydrangea

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Product Description: Gatsby Gal Oakleaf Hydrangea

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A Compact Oakleaf with Full Sized Blooms! Gatsby Gal Hydrangea (Hydrangea quercifolia ‘ Brenhill’ PPAF ) is a dream of a hydrangea.

The compact oakleaf shrub (compact for a hydrangea – it grows 4′-6′ tall) has massive blooms, growing a full foot or more long.

The pure white panicles make an impressive display from mid-summer to autumn.

Planted in groups, it can look like a foot-thick snow bank has landed on top of the shrub.

This shrub was named the ” Must- Grow New Shrub for 2014 ” by Better Homes and Gardens Magazine, and it definitely fits the bill.

Gatsby Gal Oakleaf Hydrangea is a great back of the border shrub or a splendid foundation plant.

The graceful white blooms look good with almost any type of landscape, making this a very versatile addition to your garden.

This is already a tidy pant, but it takes pruning well if you need it even tighter.

This is an American native plant and handles almost any soil or weather that you can throw at it.

It blooms beginning in mid-summer, but will continue blooming through the fall, when the leaves and flowers begin to take on burgundy tones.

The blooms are steadfast, too, appearing every year no matter the weather or soil ph.

You definitely want to invite Gatsby Gal to your garden party!
* Flowers are a foot or more
* Compact hydrangea
* Fall interest

Gatsby Gal Oakleaf Hydrangea Order Options