Garden Plant: Gateway Joe-Pye Weed

Gateway Joe-Pye Weed Garden Plant

Gateway Joe-Pye Weed

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The Eupatorium ‘ Gateway Joe- Pye Weed’, Eupatorium purpureum, is a wonderful lavender purple bloomer that stands 4′ tall with a plant spread the 29-35 ” .

‘ Joe- Pye Weed’ is more compact and shorter than other perennials in its family.

With beautiful wine red stems that develop large green leaves, it is a definite attractor to butterflies and bees and is deer resistant.

Eupatorium ‘ Gateway Joe- Pye Weed’ should be planted in full sun, but can tolerate some afternoon shade.

Make sure it has a moist, well-drained area for optimal success.

‘ Joe Pye Weed’ looks wonderful with Rudbeckia ‘ Black Eyed Susan’, Aster ‘ Woods Purple’, with ornamental grasses or in a perennial border.

It is a great background plant but does need a lot of room to grow.

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