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Garden Glow Dogwood

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4- Season Interest in an Ornamental Dogwood Garden Glow Dogwood, Cornus hesseyii ‘ Garden Glow’, is a deciduous shrub with ornamental features.

It would look amazing planted en masse in a location where some winter color would be valued.

You could also plant several as a hedge along your property line or just one for a little splash of color in your front yard.

Your Garden Glow Dogwood has so much to offer! Its oval leaves, with their delightfully-pointed appearance maintain a golden/green hue all summer long.

Spring brings clusters of petite, white flowers that transition to small, white berries in summer.

When autumn arrives, your Garden Glow’s foliage will turn a spectacular red, with the twigs maintaining a brilliant scarlet throughout winter.

No matter the season, this fabulous Dogwood is sure to please.

Garden Glow Dogwood will grow to about 5 feet tall with an equal spread.

It’s a multi-stemmed shrub, with an upright and spreading growth habit.

Garden Glow Dogwood is adaptable to a variety of conditions and is urban tolerant.

You can prune it as desired, but it’s also lovely just as it is and in fact is considered a low maintenance shrub.

Garden Glow Dogwood is even fast growing so you won’t have to wait long to see results.

Dogwoods are always exceptional choices for a landscape, and Golden Glow is a wonderful variety to try.

Just as the name implies, this Dogwood will provide a “glow ” of “golden ” color for your summer landscape.

and a whole lot more year round.
* Colorful foliage
* Fast growing
* Spring flowers
* Fall color
* Winter interest
* Shade tolerant

Garden Glow Dogwood Order Options