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Fuyu Jiro Persimmon

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Ornamental Tree with Edible Fruit The persimmon is a deciduous ornamental tree with edible fruit.

You could plant one in a side or back yard where you can enjoy the ornamental feature but not be bothered by dropping fruit on sidewalks or driveways.

Your Persimmon tree has several outstanding features, including some of the most delightful little flowers you’ve ever seen.

Tiny white, bell-shaped flowers dangle from the spring branches as if ready to toll their tiny stamen clapper.

You’ll love how the creamy white petals are adorably kissed with yellow at the tips, and emit a pleasing sweet fragrance.

Another fascinating feature of your Persimmon tree is the ornamental bark.

The trunk appears as if it’s covered in square and rectangular, dark grey plates.

This is especially showy in the winter months when the leaves have fallen.

As lovely as the flowers and bark are however, the Persimmon tree truly shines when its fall harvest begins.

The Persimmon fruit starts out green, but slowly transitions to an orange/deep red shade.

The 2-inch, round fruit has a sticky, sweet interior that is unique in its flavor and texture.

In fact, its botanical name means “fruit of the gods ” .

Persimmon fruits are low in calories and fat, but high in fiber, vitamins and other nutrients.

They can be eaten fresh or used in preserves and various other dishes.

The Persimmon can reach a height of 50 feet with a 35 foot spread.

The shiny 2-6 inch ovate foliage is bright green on top with a paler underside, and fills out the rounded crown quite nicely.

Those leaves will later transform to yellow, reds and purples in their fall glory.

This is a tree you won’t have to fuss over as it’s hardy and tolerant of many conditions.

Pollinators, birds and other animals love Persimmon trees, so they’re even great for your wildlife.

Persimmon trees are lovely ornamentals with outstanding fall fruit.

Other parts of the tree have also been traditionally used, such as the leaves for tea and the wood (which is extremely hard).

The persimmon tree is, quite simply, a tree with much to recommend it.
* Edible fruit (self-fertile)
* Spring flowers
* Ornamental bark
* Hardy

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