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Fuji Apple Tree

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Spectacular Spring Display and Outstanding Fruit The Fuji Apple tree delivers a spectacular spring display and an outstanding fall harvest.

It would look great in your yard as an ornamental focal point, or plant several as a small orchard on the sunny side of your home.

The fuji is a cross between the Red Delicious and the Virginia Ralls Genet apple.

It grows 8-10 feet tall with an equal spread.

In the spring, delicate white blooms bathed in a pinkish hue will seem to envelope your Fuji’s branches, giving it the appearance of a plant that’s more flowers than tree.

This “tree of flowers ” will further tantalize your senses as its heavenly scent drifts on the breeze to every spot in your yard.

The Fuji will maintain a vibrant green through the summer.

You can watch in wonder as your tiny apples slowly reach their maturity.

When others are mourning the loss of summer, you’ll look forward to October when your fruit is ready for you to harvest.

The flavor of the Fuji is prized, and in fact it’s now one of the favorite apples in the United States.

You’ll love that hearty crunch when you bite into your Fuji, followed by the succulent sweet juice that naturally flows from the dense texture of the fruit.

The Fuji apple is a large, round fruit with a bright red color and some yellow highlights.

It’s sweet and crisp with a firm texture and long shelf-life.

You don’t even have to refrigerate it in storage.

It’s great for snacking as well as a good baking apple.
* Red Large Fruit
* Compact, Dwarf Tree
* Stores Well
* Semi-dwarf Recommended pollinators: Ginger Gold, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp

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